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InfoAmerica Business
Opportunity Program

Great money can be made with
InfoAmerica Business & Legal Kits!

Our kits help people prepare certain legal matters WITHOUT the expense of an attorney. Most people cannot afford $180+ an hour for an attorney - that is why these kits sell so well! AND - these kits are recession proof - they actually sell BETTER when economic times are tough because people still need to take care of certain legal matters, but money is tight, so they'll do it themselves! Unfortunately, the bankruptcy and divorce rate climbs when the economy slows down. Our kits are available to help people in need.

If you are interested in earning an additional income (full time or part time) with our kits, we are looking for people to become independent stocking distributors throughout the USA. You would purchase displays with product from us at a special "distributor discount" and place them in stores in your area. You would either sell them to the store or place them there on a consignment basis. You would maintain the displays by periodically visiting the store and restocking them. Once you have the displays in place, they only require a few hours a week to maintain.

You can also sell the kits online! Setting up a web site is not that difficult or expensive and the kits sell great online, too.

If you are interested in this great money-making opportunity, call us at 1-800-326-7419 so we can discuss this in further detail with you. Please keep in mind there is a $5,000 investment required. The $5,000 investment is for product that has a retail value of over $20,000. We do not charge any type of "franchise fee" since we do not sell franchises. We don't even charge you for the displays - they are FREE with the product. Call us any time. Leave a message if it's not normal business hours. 1-800-326-7419. Or email for more information.


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