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EZ Computer Time Clock

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The E-Z Computer Time Clock Saves Time & Money

E-Z Computer Time Clock for Windows eliminates the guesswork of employee 'honor' systems and provides the combination of time clock accuracy with the convenience of having employees' hours information at your fingertips. There has never been a software program that is so easy to use and useful to a business owner!

See how it works!

  • it totals and prints an employee's hours up to the minute
  • it allows you to send messages to the employees, and allows them to send messages to you (if activated)
  • it allows employees to check and print their hours if they wish (if activated)
  • it figures overtime, records vacation time, holidays, training, or any type of time you choose
  • it includes many more features you'll see as you run the program
  • Keep this in mind: if your employees are on the 'honor' system, mistakes can be made. If you 'overpay' 10 employees just 15 minutes extra per week each, at an $8 an hour average, that works out to over $1,000 per year!

Other Features Of The E-Z Computer Time Clock:

E-Z Computer Time Clock for Windows can also be used to record hours worked by consultants of by those who work on a project basis; salaried persons could use E-Z Computer Time Clock for Windows to track the number of hours spent on various tasks. This is done by assigning different codes to each project, and using the different codes to record times for different activities.

As a bonus, this package includes not only the Windows version of the program, but also a DOS version as well. If you wish to install the program on an older computer or one that does not have Windows installed, you can do that. Also, a network version is available as an upgrade. The cost is only $159.00 for an unlimited number of computers for any single server.

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